Travel Industry - Meridian Tours

The original Meridian Tours website was first launched in September 2001 and like many small business websites not one enquiry was generated through it.

The Principal of the business Anna Cook was told to register the site with search engines but she really didn't know how to spend her money wisely.

Anna was determined to get something from the net and in March 2003 she began preparing for the redevelopment of her website. She turned to Web Assets and we conducted a Market Position Report that scoped her opportunities and examined her competition. We then created a Project Plan for her developer to implement.

The new website is focused on the needs of the consumer and we put eight of the most popular tours all on the home page right where her visitors would see them. We also made it very easy for her visitors to make inquiries and ensured that the website included information that reassured people of the professionalism of the organisation.

Anna’s new website was uploaded in late July and the first inquiry came through in less than a week of it being registered with a few selected search engines.

The new website has generated inquiries worth tens of thousands of dollars. Anna is thrilled with the results and is looking forward to a busy season.

eLearning - Southrock Corporation

Southrock, a leader in the eLearning and Learning Management System industry, contracted Web Assets’ expertise to improve the marketing and performance of its website in April 2004.

If you searched ‘elearning’ on before Web Assets optimised their website you’d have found Southrock on page 11 – not a great result.

Southrock had put a great deal of effort into their website and it was in good shape, the only problem being that it was almost impossible to find through the major search engines. Thier website had no chance of generating new leads for the business.

Southrock understood that they needed professional help and after careful analysis they selected Web Assets as the best company to provide the expertise they needed to really make their website an effective marketing tool.

“After our initial meeting with Web Assets I thought I’d put an additional challenge by offering to double their fees if they got us number 1 position in major search engines. And guess what - the Web Assets’ optimisation increased our Google ranking from 111 to number 1 within 12 days."

“Not only did the new positioning massively boost the number of visitors to our site from search engines such as Google and Yahoo, but many of these visits converted into inquiries and new business.