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How can your website attract more qualified prospects to your business? Search Engine Optimisation is all about bringing qualified visitors to your website. We have more than five years experience in promoting websites through search engines; we specialise in gaining high rankings in Google and can often get one or more first page positions for our customers.

Web Assets provides a variety of Search Engine Optimisation and Internet Marketing Services. Perhaps the best place to start is with an evaluation of your current website; our Fast Start Report consists of a concise, easy to understand overview of your site; a prioritised to-do-list that tells you exactly what needs to be done and approximate costs to make your website competitive in your market. See an example of a Fast Start Report here. Cost $199

If it is time for you to build a new website, or redeveloping a current site you should think about building Search Engine Optimisation into it from the start.

Our Project Plan uses a methodology that takes all of the guess work out of the process and addresses the important issues of search engine optimisation and Internet marketing at inception, saving considerable time and money while ensuring excellent search engine ranking. The cost of this service is dependent on a number of factors, contact us for more information.

If you are looking to improve the return from your website call us now on 1300 656 196.

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